good news alert…I’m back!

So since my last post in June, I’ve found myself extremely busy with the final stages of losing my mind (officially…we all saw that coming…), I ugly cried several times in several mirrors, I met an Albanian popstar, I read several trashy novels, and eventually, I found myself standing (confidently) back on my own two feet.

What a trip.

I’m currently sitting here in Lewiston Maine, in a tiny little dorm room (hey Small House) at Bates Dance Festival. You should know that there is glitter (or what appears to be glitter) literally embedded in the streets; they must have known I was coming!

I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t nervous; I have such mixed emotions that I’m not quite sure which ones I want to own and commit to just yet. Part of me feels pressure to network and get my name out to anyone who will listen, who knows what opportunities await just around the corner??? Part of me wants to sit outside under a tree and ignore the world while I self indulge in my own version of Eat Pray Love. Part of me wants to cry because that’s what I do when I feel overwhelmed with any sort of emotion. Most of me however, just wants to take it all in as it happens–which is what 97% of me has decided to do. Baby steps, people.

As far as I can tell in the short time I’ve been here, Bates supplies an eclectic mix of Dyvas and RAB’s alike. What we all share in common however, is our walk: super erect upper bodies with loose (kind of flailing) lower bodies. It doesn’t matter which end of the personality spectrum one falls in, it’s like a stampede of glittery egos walking to and from the dining hall, day in and day out. The differentiating characteristic amongst us exists in the eye contact, some bitches can’t bother actually looking you in the eye and instead choose to just ignore the fact that you’re standing right in front of them–the rest of the Dyvas can’t wait to smile and say HELLO.


I’ve decided that aside from Dyva-stomping all over the northeast, my plan for the next three weeks is to take a few dance classes (this place truly is heaven), see a few shows (Kyle Abraham, Kate Weare, Keigwin…), write a few blogs (…I’m back!!!), and most importantly, take a few minutes to myself each and every day. I view this experience as an opportunity to practice and instill balance within an environment, similar to Brockport, where opportunities are endless.

The name of the game, Balance Bitches.

Essentially the summer months symbolize the beginning of a new year for the dance community, so here’s to new beginnings and new experiences. I’ve got my game face on (i.e. bright lipstick) and I’m ready to make some serious waves.

*I’ll be posting from my iPad these next few weeks—the same iPad that apparently doesn’t want me to load any pictures into my posts…*

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