shake it like a salt shaker

This is a topic that I’ve wanted to address for a while now, but don’t really have much to say; it just…is what it is….

Just because I go to school for dance, doesn’t necessarily mean that I know how to dance in social settings.

Yes, I spend my days in a studio painting the earth with my body, but no, that doesn’t mean I know how to drop it low.

What my time in the studio DOES guarantee however is that:

  1. I have an insane sense of rhythm. I hear the up beats, the down beats and everything in between.
  2. I can step-touch like a boss.
  3. I can offer many variations to the fist-pump. (open-palm, alternating hands, etc.)
  4. I know the words to most songs, and will graciously lip-synch for you like a Dyva.

I’m just not a fan of the bump-and-grind…no, not even with my boyfriend. You can call me old-fashioned, but I think this is one of the most awkward accepted norms of our time. Things I think about when I’m being assaulted from behind:

Where do I look?
What do I do with my hands…fist pump?
Can I still lip-synch?

Not for me.

Der Kinderreigen (Children's dances) by Hans T...

Dance…and Shout. Shake your body down to the ground.

I prefer to dance in small groups with my friends, I can step-touch, laugh, and sing at my leisure…and the best part is, everyone’s safe from being fondled! When it’s eventually mentioned that I’m a dance-major, I simply play coy as if I’m hiding some serious skill…

**Let’s make one thing clear, I dominate all organized dances (arguably the folk-dances of our generation).

The Cupid Shuffle
The Soulja Boy
The Dougie
The Electric Slide

See you on the dance floor….5-6-7-8!!!

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