flecks of summer inspiration

It’s officially summer vacation, and while I’m still unpacking and catching up with all of the friends that I’ve neglected for the past few months, I can’t deny how invigorating free time, boredom, and mindless television can be! So in the spirit of idle time, enjoy the following….

1. Start your morning with a little:

Hi, I’m Kelly and I’m perfect!

Live! with Kelly…and some random man!!! There’s finally time to watch television again…WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP!!!! You not only get to drink your morning coffee while watching some Ripa, but there’s time to mourn the retirement of Regis before your day even gets started! Glorious. If you don’t feel entirely ready to toss some glitter by 10am, just turn on Ellen and you’ll be set by 11.

2. Spend your afternoon…


Outdoors!!! When was the last time you spent some significant time outside during daylight hours? (…walking to or from class doesn’t count…) Enjoy your afternoon with some friends, or spend a solo afternoon in the great outdoors walking/running/biking/skipping…I don’t know, just get your arse outside!!!

3. End your day with the following:

Best read while wearing blue-star jammies!!!

The title actually reads, Twyla Tharp: The Creative Habit. This book has done nothing less than inspire the shit out of me, and the good news for all of my gen-ed readers out there is that you don’t need to be a dancer to find some motivation from this book. If you have any sort of interest that you’re looking to foster, just listen to Tharp-lady and you too can achieve your artistic goals. She breaks down the creative process in a way that makes something so overwhelmingly complex, simple and attainable. It’s a fairly easy read that doesn’t disappoint, especially if you’ve been struggling with your creative endeavors lately (ok, you don’t even need to be struggling to get something out of it). Just read this book!

(That’s: Have A Great Summer)

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