i know you are but what am i?

Now that I’m home for the summer, I’ve spent these last few days reflecting on everything that happened this past school year (individual moments that were significant to my growth). Whether they were conversations, performances or just a sideways glance as I walked past someone in the hall, what I’ve realized is that the people I have surrounded myself by are…legendary…

Each of my professors has a resume that’ll make you puke with jealousy, and my comrades all go on to contribute incredible art to the dance community. While it can become …overwhelming at times…I can’t help but find my jaw dropped to the floor.

What I’m getting at is that it’s no wonder I have such high expectations for myself when everyone around me is…well…excellent. As I build relationships with the faculty, I can’t help but aspire to do even a fraction of what they’ve done, and that means working hard and being successful.

It’s important to remember however, that success is all relative to how you define it, so keep your definitions in check, Dyva.

It’s easy for me to sit in my bed back in Detroit (far removed from the land of art in New York) and tell myself to seek inspiration rather than a stifling fear of high expectations in that environment; but the thing is, the people and environment you surround yourself by are in fact a direct reflection of you and the work that you produce. If I wasn’t delivering the quality of work the department is known for, I simply wouldn’t be asked to stay; that hasn’t happened yet, so I can only assume that my time in New York has been spent building a puke-worthy resume of my own.

When the people around you create inspired work, even when you don’t feel it yourself, you’re also contributing that that creative energy, good job. Keep throwing glitter, you’re doing just fine.

I double-doggy dare you to take a step back from your immediate surroundings to reflect upon and evaluate what kind of environment you’ve chosen for yourself; if you’re not inspired and motivated by your surroundings every day, figure out why and make the necessary changes. In my case, I was stifled because of my own mentality, something I have total control over.

kick fear in the face.

So talk to your mentor(s) and get a few words of wisdom to hold tightly as you move forward in your journey; all and any nuggets of glitter are welcomed!!!

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One thought on “i know you are but what am i?

  1. sarah says:

    Nicely said…I feel the same way….consistently humbled by inspirational people….and you are one of the them.

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