Flecks of Inspiration

I’m in serious need of some inspiration this week, here’s what’s on my mind lately:


Nothing like the male gaze through a thick phallic lens to kick of your Monday, huh? I have Mr. Oklahoma to thank for this one, I’ll never look at ballet the same. This woman is insanely talented, while this man is definitely reaping the benefits of her presence…if you know what I mean


It’s hard to look right at you baby..

Before you came into my life, I missed you so bad.

This may be the next “Friday” epidemic, but I’m pretty sure I just spent the entire weekend wailing this song at the top of my lungs at/with my boyfriend…

Quality lyrics, folks. If this song doesn’t inspire you to get up and boogie, I’m not sure what will.

3. Finally, on a more academic note, this article by Thomas F. DeFrantz really shook me up last week in my history class. While critical theory isn’t necessarily my thing, hip hop is (as you know), and I have never been so abruptly faced with my position of “white privilege” like this, ever in my life. The good news is, if you make it all the way to page 19, you’ll notice that DeFrantz suggests:

“mastery can be achieved by any dancer–not only by black bodies–willing to investigate their powerful communicative potential. Ultimately these dances generate a physical statement of pleasure, inextricably bound up with the political frames of race continually surrounding modes of black performance in America.”

As I engage in my own research of hip-hop dance as it relates to the curriculum of higher education, this was a lot to swallow. After reading this article, I was extremely discouraged with my position within the hip-hop community, and I was once again, questioning the credibility of my upbringing in studio dance. I might actually be the definition of “vanilla suburbs”, but after a brief discussion with Mr. Oklahama and Dumbledore, I realized that my upbringing was what it was, and is nothing to apologize for. Because of this article, I’ve found this intense motivation to do my homework with even more enthusiasm, if I’m going to be a successful liaison for the hip-hop community, it’s my responsibility to make sure I’m offering something valid, well-rounded and legitimate. Watch out world, here comes vanilla suburbs!!!

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