friendship circle

Professional networking doesn’t always have to be amongst strangers; some of the most beneficial and lasting networking opportunities come within the circle of friends that you already have. So take a look around and appreciate your nearest and dearest for all of the fabulous and potential opportunities they have to offer.

Abbey Lee Moore for example, an aspiring photographer happens to be my wife. I met her in my first modern technique class (from Sher-Bear), my junior year at MSU. At the time, I just stalked her facebook pics on the reg to gawk at how awesome her crazy-artsy life appeared to be, I knew instantly that we needed to be friends. As she explains here on her blog, I simply just asked to be best friends one day, and she agreed. (mutual-crush-alert!!!) The rest is pretty much history.

I was recently looking to get some new headshots for my fast approaching future, and rather than looking far and wide for a photographer that I may or may not be happy with, or even comfortable posing for, I turned to someone whom I already knew and trusted.  I decided that Spring Break (St. Patty’s weekend) would be a perfect time to meet up with my long-distant friend for both a catch-up session and photo shoot; she loves to take pictures, I love to pose for them…and we both love to talk.

Abbey recently moved to Milwaukee from East Lansing, and has started her own freelance photography business that is rapidly growing with each passing day.  I’m not joking when I say that there is something incredibly magical about this girl; her positive energy and charismatic nature is not only contagious, but has karma wrapped around her pretty little fingers. I’m positive that she will have a successful and beautiful life, and am so honored to have her in mine.

Here’s a sneak peak look at our pensive-shoot together!

not sure I was actually laughing...production magic...

glitter alert!!!

Don’t forget to embrace, appreciate and utilize everything your circle has to offer. Even more important to keep in mind, Dyva’s always share; maintain a humble willingness to offer your flair whenever those opportunities present themselves—community glitterfests are way better than solo-fests!!!

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One thought on “friendship circle

  1. thanks for the shoutout girl! my photos would be nothing without your face and talent. (weird way of saying i love you?!) Keep being amazing and we will catch up soon. Love you!

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