short and sweet with Pina

If you’re lacking inspiration for any reason, go ahead and do yourself a favor, go see Pina while it’s still in theaters.

Oh. My. Lanta.

Of course I knew who Pina Bausch was…obviously, but I didn’t REALLY know what she was all about.

I loved this movie…I will buy this movie, I would even marry this movie if I could…

Go see this movie.

Rather than presenting Pina’s life in a formal documentary, we got to see her work intermingled within a variety of interviews and solo work of her dancers, as choreographed or inspired by Ms. Bausch.

While her approach to movement was/is minimal and complex all at the same time, it’s her ability to bring the outside in, to make thought a reality, and to tap into the inner depths of one’s psyche, that is truly uncanny. I have a hard time discussing her work in the past tense, as I feel it has a life of its own and still lives on.

I want to put a long and bright colored dress on and run around town falling from side to side.

Go see this movie. (…not necessarily in 3D…)

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