birthday inspiration

On February 29, 1988, I sat in my mother’s womb holding on for dear life. Even as a fetus, I knew that I needed attention more than just one day every four years, I needed a birthday EVERY year!!! My stubborn-ass won the war (as per usual), and at 8:45(ish)AM, I became a March 1’st Dyva-Baby!

So on this national holiday, I thought I’d share a few more Flecks of Inspiration with all of you…

First, I’d like to introduce my Hubby!!! He’s a junior at MSU (studying philosophy and dance) and is pretty much my soulmate. We share a love for all things Britney Spears (all Divas actually), deep philosophical life-chats, and Youtube. I woke up this morning to this little video-gem in my twitter inbox, and I thought it was way too precious to just keep to myself. Enjoy!!! (Note the blank-Britney stare and the Whitney-point..)

Not that anything could top that, but heres this fancy-little dress that I’d love to wear out as a Birthday-pricess.

imagine spinning circles in THIS baby

And one last fleck…

this cake definitely wouldn't kill the party

Theme: Every Dyva has their own special day, a day to celebrate all things and people that they love! So if you happen to share a Birthday with me (…yes, I’m talking to you Justin Bieber), HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

I head out to ACDFA bright and early tomorrow morning, hopefully this Birthday glitter-hangover won’t last too long!

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3 thoughts on “birthday inspiration

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