summer plans

It almost makes me sick to know that it’s actually necessary (and appropriate) to start thinking about my summer plans in February, but here I am thinking…

You’re wondering what I’m thinking??? I’m questioning how I can know where I want to spend my summer in three months, when I can’t even decide what to have for lunch this afternoon?

As my dad (Danny Tanner) tells me on a daily basis:

“Suck it up, Buttercup!”

It really is time to start thinking about where you can (realistically) see yourself sweating your balls off this summer. As you all know by now, I’m all about making lists, so here are some things to consider (in no particular order) as you start booking your summer plans:

North Carolina: American Dance Festival
Maine: Bates Dance Festival
Massachusetts: Jacob’s Pillow
(…the three big guns…)
3 days vs. 3 weeks vs. 3 months
Performance Opportunities
Choreography Opportunities
Scholarship Opportunities
Full or Partial
Competitive or Relaxed
Faculty Roster
Class Schedule

**Make sure to also check out the colleges near your hometown, as there are ALWAYS (…usually) week’ish-long intensives that offer GREAT experiences and a potential foot in the door for your next audition….

(a few examples from my two homes:)
Detroit: Complexions
Brockport: Jose Limón, Bill Evans Dance Intensive

With so many options and so little time, you’ve really got to do your research prior to applying. Once the application process opens up (and most of them already have), it’s a mad rush to get your name in before the rest of the world, so make sure to be thorough and complete in your application.

Oh yeah, and about that thing called tuition
That’s a big concern for me, big enough that I thought I’d address it again. Be sure to take a look at what your current school has to offer as far as financial assistance goes for summer opportunities; with enough help, you could enjoy a free rendezvous at the Varone workshop in June…wouldn’t hate it! Additionally, a lot of summer opportunities offer either partial or full scholarships, work-studies, and internships (which usually don’t allow you to do much dancing outside of your duties, but it’s a great networking opportunity). Just like initial application process, these positions are extremely selective and it’s important to get your name in their faces, ASAP.

Unless Mr. Obama wants to personally sponsor my summer studies at Bates, I’m going to need to apply for beaucoup scholarships!

While the summer months offer time for clutch-relaxation by the pool, it’s important to keep your body and mind in check as much as possible. As I approach my third and final year (wahhhhhh….kind of…), I know that this summer needs to be filled with as many rich and inspiring experiences as I can handle; my thesis isn’t going to choreograph or write itself!

The best motivator to push your own artistry is to be around other fabulous artists working on theirs.

Feel free to share your plans with the rest of us!

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