flecks of inspiration

A list of all things that inspire me…TODAY…


as if you didn't see this coming...

GLITTER makes the list at #1, not surprisingly. The texture and brilliance of all colors combined in this magical dust (especially when it’s thrown in the air and left to float back down to the ground) inspires me to move and create work that is inhibited and free from judgement.


Introducing: The Glitch Mob

Meet The Glitch Mob. These boys make music that hits me at such a visceral level. I don’t know if it’s my undercover hip-hop roots that I’ve been trying to turn high-art’ish, or what….but it’s like I can’t breath when A Dream Within A Dream comes on my iPod.



I know this makes me look like a wierdo…but think about it (!!!)…these little maple-tree seeds float from their branches and let the momentum of the wind take them wherever they’re meant to be. With everything that goes on my hectic life, I’d like to let the wind take me where it needs me to be a little bit more often than I do now…which is never.


a little seafoam green never hurt...

This color reminds me that it’s okay to be seen and not heard; it’s vibrant without being in your face, and it’s still one of those colors that’s hard to forget. This color has the ability to “just be” and I want some of that magic to rub off on me!

So I’m sensing a theme here today:

I need to just sit back and loosen my grip on life a little bit. There’s no harm in letting the momentum of life take over, because that’s essentially what’s going to happen either way. The funny thing is, I didn’t think too hard when I chose these ideas to share; the theme just kind of  happened, thanks to my subconcious-ego!

What inspires you, TODAY?

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