where did you come from, where did you go?

No, I’m not talking to Cotton-Eye Joe…I’m talking to you

Where did you come from, Dyva?

I come from Michigan State where the dance department lives in the basement of the old-smelly intramural building, and where there’s one professor (Sher-Bear), who teaches every single dance class. That woman wears so many hats and honestly, I’ve never seen somebody so dedicated to what they do (especially in the moment as they’re doing it) than she is.

Every single day under the theater-department’s grasp, she fights for our dance-education and provides more opportunities than you could ever imagine from such a small program. Sher-Bear has managed to turn this small little specialization (conveniently turned minor the year after I graduated…) into something worthwhile, something that I still can rely on now that I’m in the leagues of grad school.

I remember that I was obviously excited when I was accepted into Brockport’s department, but even more terrified because I thought I was going to be way behind all of my peers who had majored in dance as undergrads. I deemed myself the underdog before I had even walked through the door, and while Sher-Bear insisted that this was all BS, it’s today, a year and half later that I’ll admit that she was right.

You don’t have to major in dance as an undergrad to be successfully throwing glitter in grad school. Sure I was the underdog for a hot minute, then I decided to put my game-face on and ceased the self-fulfilling prophecy…now I’m just another force to be reckoned with. Eat that Nijinsky.

Nijinsky, eating it...

As long as you have a strong base, who’s to tell you that your foundation isn’t good enough for higher education? (This is when 7-year old me wants to come out, scrunch up her face and say, “…bite me…I’ll see you in grad school…”)

Where did you go, Dyva?

It’s important to make the big decision of choosing a dance department that’s right for you; this takes research and self-realization. A reputable school is obviously impressive, but does that school fit YOUR needs as an artist in the dance community? Take a little time to discover where your passion lies, and then find a program that has the means to accommodate.

(…cough cough…I didn’t do my research very well at first, for the longest time I thought Brockport was called…cough-“Brockway”….now I know that’s just a dining hall on campus. Silly me…cough smiles cough”)

At the end of the day, I think it’s also fair to trust “the process” (of life), and as long as you do what you do well, good things are bound to follow.

Now speaking of good things to follow, I have some news…

I will be adding a few new categories in the upcoming weeks…that means more posts, more often. I know…I can hardly stand it—Stay tuned!!!

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