don’t let deadlines leave you for dead

I’m pretty much convinced that my school is the dance version of Hogwarts…I just am; the Chair is Dumbledore, and I’m Harryanna trying to figure out my craft one day at a time. (Snape is the scary-professor making me hover in a plank for 20 minutes as a warm-up; it seems so mean at the time, but I know he’s just secretly looking out for my flabbyish bat wings…shall I continue…???)

So welcome back to Hogwarts! As the beginning of SPRING semester 2012, there’s lots of magic waiting to happen.

What I’m actually saying is, tuck your social life back away where you found it a few weeks ago when winter-break started, because it’s going to take a whole lot of Hogwarts-magic to meet all of these fast-approaching deadlines (…that I’m already in the midst of freaking out over…)!!!

I should start by saying that the fun thing about being a dance major is that we get to be creative on a daily basis and use our personal experiences to inspire new work; however the not-so-fun thing about being a dance major is that said inspiration needs to happen like…NOW. There’s no time for lengthy explorations of fun, games and glitter when you’ve only got a week or two to produce a fabulous piece of choreography that’s worth seeing on stage in 15 minutes.


 That’s the motto at dance-Hogwarts. (Not officially, but I’d vote for it…)

 So what do you do when you know that before you’ve even started the semester, you’ve got a full plate of expectations that all have to be completed ASAP…ASAP as in…10 minutes from now?


  1. You show up prepared: You have music, ideas, choreography and hugs readily available for your first rehearsal. It’s fine to completely choreograph on the spot if you’re Merce Cunningham, but news flash Baby-Boo, you’re not (womp womp!). I suggest developing some version of a brainstormed concept before you walk in the door; for everyone’s sake (and sanity), efficiency is our top priority.
  2. Speaking of priorities: …you’ve organized yours. Write down everything you have to do in the appropriate order of importance.
  3. You keep yourself in check: Freak out for a good 10 minutes, and then snap out of it, Dyva! Get serious, you’re fine. Yep, you’re fine. Now get to werk
  4. You put your blinders on and run full speed ahead: It’s so crucial to stay in the moment and maintain a genuine interest in the present. If you’re constantly anticipating the future based on things that have happened in the past, there’s no way this current piece of choreography is ever going to happen TODAY.
  5. You surround yourself with your dance family: Duh.

Deadlines are no joke, but they are a part of life. In all of the madness that awaits you, make sure to maintain your balance so that one day you don’t end up bald and chasing SUV’s down the street…not that I’m judging…

(If you took advantage of the sneak peak I leaked last week, I hope you enjoyed the added magic of this final post 🙂 )


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3 thoughts on “don’t let deadlines leave you for dead

  1. Donna says:

    Similar to attending school at Hogwarts, somehow dances are choreographed, deadlines are met, and plenty of hugs are-available for all. Just like MAGIC!

  2. Jeyna Grace says:

    LOL.. nice motto 🙂

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