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I should just go ahead and say this up front:

Do as I say, not as I do…

I’m a hotass mess when it comes to getting dressed for dance class; like, I’m an animal!!! Every morning I wake up, and while it may not look like I put forth ANY effort in deciding what to wear for the day, I do…it just doesn’t show…ever!

I’m one of those people that sweats inappropriately just by thinking about moving. Like…paper sticks to my sweaty arm when I try to write after taking a dance class in the dead of winter. So what I’m saying is, just because I’m the hotass queen of sweatpants, it doesn’t mean that you have to be the reigning princess! (My GF Avocado on the other hand, it appears that every morning she’s stepped out of the pages of the LOFT catalogue….annoying)

There are several things to consider when it comes to hitting the dance-fashion runway; the most important thing to deliberate is the type of class(es) you’re going to be taking and what kind of movement you’re going to be performing.

Where exactly are you going to be painting the earth with your body?

Are your lines important? Do you need to have free range into your backspace? What is the genre, and what does that style require of you?

I prefer to wear “dance pants” to most classes, either cropped or full length, I find that I can move easily AND see my lines all at the same time. Unless I’m taking a hip-hop class in which my sweatpants are welcomed with open arms, I love a good dance pant!

If I had to pick one company to purchase pants from for the rest of my life or at least for the rest of this year, it would without a doubt be Lululemon. While a smidge on the pricey side, everything is so well made and thought out (even their jackets have built in hair ties…) . I can’t help but assume that my thighs are smiling as I do my body-half rolls from one side to the other without worrying about whale-tail…high five!!!

Sportsbras = Under Armour (Endure High Impact Bra). Even after a reduction, I have never felt support like this in my life…while still being able to breathe!!!

For the upper portion of my body, I turn to layering…especially in the winter, I like the look of a longer tank layered under a shorter shirt. Believe it or not, Old Navy has a nice variety in various lengths that are all extremely affordable.

The fun part from here is accessorizing. Jewelry can get dangerous when you’re flailing around with grace, so I suggest keeping all of that drama to a minimum; scarves and socks however are fair game.

Scarves are easy to find…they’re everywhere; just pick out a few key colors from the rest of your outfit and highlight with a pretty scarf. I like to tie the to ends of my scarves together to make my own infinity-situation, it’s just easier to wrap around and around…and around without weird ends sticking out.

Socks are trickier to pick out if you’re anything like me. Again, I’m a sweat-monster, and my feet are no exception; rumor has it that SmartWool socks are the answer to this problem. Be on the lookout for sales, as perfection comes at a price.

No Stank, No Sweat, No Itch = No Problem.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, most of what I’ve suggested is arguably on the expensive end of the spectrum; my thought however is that quality over quantity is top priority. I don’t mind doing laundry every ten minutes (not literally) if I know that the clothing I’m washing is well made, supportive and long-lasting.  I just feel better when I’m not tugging at my shirt, trying to hide my cleavage, pulling up my pants or picking at my wedgies every 5 seconds.

Hair and makeup are personal preference. Personally, I’m beginning to rival Rapunzel, and thus have kind of taken stock out in hairties for my infamous high-bun; off my neck and out of my face is the name of my game. I keep makeup super simple (…because it all sweats off anyways). I do a little undereye concealer for the darkest circles in the world that live under my eyes, a little white shimmer powder in the inside corners, minimal black eyeliner on the top lid only, and a light swipe of waterproof mascara. On days I’m feeling super fancy/super tired…ok both (so every day), I’ll swipe a little white liner on the inside rim of my lower lid (LIKE MAGIC…you’ll see!!!).

These EOS little eggs are all the rage for the lips, and then the most important element of personal appearance in my opinon is nail polish. It doesn’t matter how large my muffin top grows or how sweaty my forearms get, my nails can still look fabulous, and I make sure that they do.

Share Share!!! What are your favorite styles/items for class???

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One thought on “glamour links

  1. Donna Dumas says:

    I’m so happy you have learned from experience, there are certain items of dance clothing that deserve proper investment(s). It is so important that dance clothing fit properly and be well made so you can concentrate on dance! I love that you no longer have to tug and pull at the cleavage fabric!!!!
    I’m enjoying your blog. Thanks for doing this.

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