…so my dance family…

I’m not sure it’s fair to claim that you’re a real member of the dance community unless you can also claim that you have a “dance family”….and actually feel confident that you truly understand the possibilities behind the magic of this gift.

Every dancer has a family of their own of course…but a dance family is a whole other beast…a glittorious beast of ridiculousness that essentially only dancers can understand and share.

My dance family (with the exception of a few…Krafty and Avocado for example) recently traveled to NYC to perform at a benefit for Haiti. Needless to say, 48+ hours with the same people in close quarters is going to lead to lots and lots..and lots of laughs.

While sitting backstage, we discussed things that all dancers love:

  • -Food
  • -Coffee
  • -Straws
  • Food
  • -Philip Glass
  • Food

But then as we continued on with our list, it became apparent that most of what was being suggested was typical of only our family…it made me ponder…

Of course there are universal loves and overlaps between your list and ours, but the point is that your special dance family offers a unique bond of support that you can rarely find anywhere else. You don’t just dance with each other, you laugh, cry, sing, eat, change, bleed, menstruate, clap on beat, sleep (next to, not with…well…maybe with? Incest?) together; you share stories and a language that you quickly find is relevant to you and only you.

Like, comment below if you know my definition of the ReverseQueen, or GKoA, or how the GKoA woke up INSIDE Avicii….or even the real girls whom I so fondly refer to as Nappy Roots and Little.

In such a competitive field where it’s so easy to second-guess yourself–your purpose and what you know, having this source of unconditional love and support…a group of people who just “get it” without you having to explain why “choreography school” isn’t time spent rolling around on the floor coloring pictures out of a Highlights magazine (yes, I know..I just threw up in my mouth too)…is so special and important to have.

(I have to thank my growing number of readers as well, as even this blog is starting to turn itself into a family and community of support. We now all share the bond of Dyvas, RAB’S, and how important glitter is to success…but did you TRULY know before reading those posts?)

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