11 Straight Hours of ANTM?!?!?

Just so we’re clear: ANTM = America’s Next Top Model

11 Hours of ANY show is enough to make you go cross-eyed, but 11 hours of Tyra FLIPPING Banks?!?!? WHell….that’s a different story– let’s get to it.

I don’t know if this has ever happened to you, but about a month or so ago I found myself so overwhelmed with life that it didn’t matter how long my list of to-do’s grew, I was entirely more interested in procrastinating. So on that specific Saturday afternoon, I fell into my couch at around 1pm and didn’t remove myself until midnight. I of course cuddled with Sophie (the cutest kitty on the planet), and spent the first tenish minutes flipping through channels. What eventually caught my eye you ask? None other than a marathon of ANTM ALL STARS!!! I couldn’t resist, this was the big leagues folks…we’re talking ALL STARS!!! I spent my afternoon so vegged out in this state of psycho-Tyra bliss that I’m not even sure I got up to go to the bathroom…no, not even once (I spy a UTI).

Sound familiar?

(If it doesn’t and you’re judging me…lets just not even go there, leave Brooke Valentine out of this!!! {Girlfight anyone? Not ringing a bell?…me neither, I had to look it up…})

While 11 consecutive hours of television may or may not be excessive, one of the things my professor stresses on the reg is the importance of downtime, and I think this is especially true for dancers. Her words, “…eat some pie, have some sex either with a partner or by yourself, watch a movie….(I had already stopped listening at this point, a little baffled)…”

The point is, when you’re consistently going at a constant pace of 500mph, only so much time can go by before both ends of you’re candle have been burned down to nothing; without balance, not even a little bit (like one stinking day of the ALL STARS!!!), you can’t possibly be giving anywhere near your full 100% attention or quality of performance.  Why, you ask? Because actually enjoying whatever it is that has turned you into a ball of stress has become your last priority, and I have to assume you started doing this particular something because you more than loved it. You DESERVE to give yourself the time to do whatever it is that has nothing to do with whatever you’re supposed to be doing– Go ahead and wrap your brain around that one.

If you can’t think of at least 10 things that sound interesting to you outside of the dance studio (which was where I was on at that particular Saturday), then Houston…we have a SERIOUS problem!

Now call me a biased dance-biscuit, but I think dance majors have the worst cases of this burnout crap, and here’s why:

  1. Dance majors go to class just like everybody else on campus EXCEPT…
  2. There’s really no such thing as “extra-curriculars” for dance majors. Rehearsals are essentially inevitable (if not required), so while the rest of the world starts around 9am and stops around 5pm (6pm at the latest), dancers start their day with an early 8am rehearsal and usually don’t stop until 10pm; this can literally happen 5-6 days of the SEVEN DAY WEEK. BOOYAAHHHH
  3. We rarely get the chance to sit mindlessly behind a desk Facebooking while a professor drones on at the front of the room. We have to be fully engaged throughout the entire day to learn information and then immediately spit it back out; it’s a full mind-body connection that trust me, is ex-hausting. This shit don’t just happen folks, it takes way more energy than stalking out all of your old flames and crushes…that’s for sure.

So listen…regardless of how much of a crazy-bitch TBanks is, if I want to spend 11 hours of my life in one day learning how to “smeyes”/”smize” (??? I can’t make this up)…I’m going to do it and YOU should too, as part of a “healthy practice” of course. And don’t worry about hindering your Dyva status either, I have given my closest dance friends good reason to assign me the nickname “Grandma”…AND I’m still a top-rated Dyva. I have NO qualms about the benefits of sitting in on a Friday night to finger-paint and make friendship bracelets, again, it’s all about a “healthy practice”…DUH!!

Make it a priority to spend at least 3 hours every single week to do something for yourself, it will not only relieve some stress, but it will keep your overwhelming world in check.

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