How I Made a Difference (and received lots of attention)

So call me an attention whore, but I love attention…and lots of it –  like borderline-Kardashian! Even further, I love to get a crazy reaction from people for random things that I’ve done:

Tell a joke = Deafening laughter, Give a gift = “Floodage” of tears, Dance on stage = “Hoots“ and “Hollers”

You get the point…

The following is the story of how I made a huge difference in my local-community and got lots of attention, but didn’t even care… (I know…like Kardashian–what??!?!)

So the summer before my senior year at Michigan State I hadn’t even started to think about where my life was eventually going to be headed; I did know that when I grew up I wanted to do something dance-related, and figured at this point in my life, it couldn’t hurt to be a little more proactive for my fast approaching future. Since I was home for the summer recovering from two minor surgeries (lasik eye surgery and had a little tumor removed from the bottom of my foot….ughhhh…NO BIG DEAL…!!!), I had a ton of time on my hands, you know…since I was on crutches, depressed, and was convinced that at any moment I was going to go blind.

Considering that I’m entirely too Type-A to sit around watching marathons of Cake Boss forever (and I may have mentioned it before, but I am an attention whore), I decided that I needed to produce my own evening length show. My idea of being proactive settled in a dire need to choreograph on dancers from all over Michigan, design and create all of the costumes, and most importantly, publicize an entire event all by myself…and it needed to be successful so that I could get lots and lots of attention. Oh, and I also wanted to make it a benefit concert so that I could finally do something past just sympathizing for one of my students who had, and still has a severe case of Crohn’s disease. Like, not a big deal, right?

I had NO IDEA what all of this meant in real life, and to be honest, I wasn’t completely positive that I could actually pull it of while going to school full time; but I did…with some help, of course. Here’s what actually happened and why I think YOU should give it a try one day:

First, depressed and delusional-me brainstormed this magical idea. I called my Big Sis (from my sorority [*DG salute}) and told her about my big philanthropic plans. Half expecting her to laugh at me, I waited for her thoughts; she was kiiiiiiind of hesitant iiiin herrrr responseee….but as a dancer, she was totally down. She’s totally DYVA status and has more connections than Kevin Bacon, so naturally she was my first choice for partner in crime.

So She-Bacon and I embarked on more of an adventure than we could have ever anticipated. To make a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong story short, here’s the brief bulleted version of what needed to be done before this dance-thing could start being fun and creative:

  • Contact dance-student to see if she was interested in being featured.
  • Contact charity to get their support.
  • Come up with a name for the event: Search For A Cure Beats On is what we came up with.
  • Establish a business (I know this sounds ridiculous and vague, but that’s because I still don’t even know what this means…I just know we did it…lots and lots and lots of paperwork later.)
  • Open a “business bank account” *Thanks 5th/3rd Bank!!!
  • Set a date for the performance.
  • Find a venue/program/tshirts/costumes for the performance.
  • Find dancers.
  • Breathe.

Ok, so Search For A Cure Beats On was officially born, we had four different dance companies: 35 dancers involved, January 9, 2010 was the date of the performance, and we had a committed charity in need.

Search For a CureShe-Bacon and I worked hard to network, and eventually found sponsors for the entire event…literally….the whole shebang: the GORGEOUS venue in Canton, MI, t-shirts for all of the dancers to wear, photographer and videographer, caterer, programs, flyers (*shout out to Yabby*), hair and makeup, costumes, and post-performance flowers for the dancers. Like what??? This was real life, I swear. I’m not sure why, but everything fell into place…almost too easily.

Oh and one more thing, through oodles networking I appeared on a local radio-station talk show (okay so maybe I didn’t appear, but I was heard…) to promote the performance…and then the host of that show appeared (for real this time) at OUR show (FREE OF CHARGE) as a local celebrity to support the cause.

As Lizzie McGuire so eloquently said,


The night of the performance, 12 modern/jazz pieces were performed and about $6,000 was donated; all of this madness happened within a six-month time period. I can’t speak for She-Bacon or anybody else, but I think I might still be recovering.

The first question out of everybody’s mouth once the show was over was: “When’s the next performance???”

I had to ask myself, would I do it again? In a heartbeat. Stay tuned for a follow-up post on all of the reasons why I think you should join me!

Until then, keep it classy, magical and full of glitter, DYVA!!!

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One thought on “How I Made a Difference (and received lots of attention)

  1. Tina says:

    Hey! This is a really great post. I have been wondering if there is something I can do to give back while embracing something I am so passionate about!

    You also have a great writing style! Keep it up!

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