how to be a DYVA in a crowd full of divas

So congratulations, you’ve recently graduated and have now been accepted into a highly accredited dance department somewhere in the land of higher education! As they say on MTV, you betta worque.

You quickly find out that said department has not only brought in the fiercest bitches from all across the USA, but you swear that 20 year old Baryshnikov and Brian Friedman have both traveled back through time and are the two culprits sucking up all of the crazy attention in your composition class…. like ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!  So where does that leave you? YOU WANT ATTENTION TOO!!!!

You quickly find yourself at a crossroads (no, not the Britney kind…this is serious):

  • OPTION A: You start the ugly cry and tell yourself that maybe this career path isn’t for you after all. Like what do you even have to offer that could begin to compare??
  • OPTION B: You finish watching your ugly cry in the mirror and then decide that everyone else can suck it, because you’re pretty darn awesome (and won more platinum trophies in high school at Hall Of Fame than you can even count!!!) and you too deserve some recognition!
  • (OPTION C: You skip the ugly cry altogether because you’re emotionally shut off, and immediately look online for the nearest SYTCD audition. Who even needs a degree…?!?!)

We’re going to assume that OPTION B is the winner all across the board…so…YAYYYYYYY, YOU’RE ALL AWESOME!!!

So next on our agenda is to figure out what it is exactly that you and only you can offer. What is it going to be that makes Laurie Ann Gibson boomkack all over her own combat boots??

Your goal is to reach DYVA status. How you ask? Follow along.

Let’s start by first defining the (my) term DYVA. (yes, that’s DYVA with a y not an i): 

dy•va |ˈdēvə| (noun) : a famous and fierce fe(male) dancer that makes it rain glitter. Once a DYVA you can never really go back, and your name will forever shine with the glow of an impressive assortment of glitter.

•My best friend Brit’s dyva status is MAJOR.

Now on with the rules:

  • Find your niche: What makes you so excited that you can’t sleep at night because the wheels in your head won’t stop turning? Identify what is so ridiculously unique to you that nobody else could even fathom bringing it to the table.
  • Establish a clear goal: You now know what successfully gets you off, but what exactly does this look like in the real world? Be specific. Take some time to figure out what makes you YOU, and then…
  • Stop apologizing: I once received an email from a professor where all he had said was, “stop being sorry”. You are all full of love and I know it, so beyond yourself- what and who are you afraid of? Own everything you do, and stop apologizing.
  • Wear bright lipstick: I have never been more serious in my life, do it. There is no faster way to feel like a rockstar in a roomful of duds than when the color of your lips can literally light up an entire city…like NEW YORK CITY… you will instantly start turning heads and starting trends. This is my version of liquid courage and I offer it to you free of charge, *you’re welcome*.

The day I started getting noticed (in the department, from the opposite sex, from the universe in general) was the day I stopped pretending to be anyone else but myself. Like, what kind of fun did I actually think I was having, and who did I think I was fooling?

 “And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

–Anais Nin

Additionally with that swift little kick in the arse from Tellysaurus, I was not only able to fully realize my passion and strengths as a dancer, but I found my own little spot within the dance community that was willing to accept this self-realization with open arms. Nobody wants to see the same show night after night, every single night for the rest of their life, so make it your job to spice things up just because that’s what you do…DYVA (insert JLo wink and wave).

So here we are all shiny and glittery, and congratulations you’ve officially hit DYVA status. Now grab your lipstick and repeat after me:

“Don’t hate me cause you ain’t me.”

Yeah…you can borrow that one too.

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